Across two locations in Zagreb, Wespa provides a flexible, entrepreneurial, and collaborative workspace where individuals and companies come together and do their best work.

Join our community

Join our community


Our members are innovators in their fields. They are fascinating, curious, and passionate. We are here to gather, work and connect. Meet us at our weekly panels and workshops.


With over 300 Coworking desks, Wespa is the largest coworking hub in this part of Europe. We can also provide you a monitor, mouse and keyboard if needed. All costs, such as internet, cleaning, electricity, printing etc. are included in the coworking package.
Use one of our 350 private Office Desks in both private and shared offices. All costs, such as internet, cleaning, electricity, printing etc. are included in the office package.
Zone for 20+ people
A set of connected offices, meeting rooms and a lobby space protected by access control. All costs, such as internet, cleaning, electricity, printing etc. are included in the package.


Timothei Jukic

Co-Founder, Navigo Sport Travel

WESPA's space leaves a special impression on our business partners. Positive feedback from clients never fails.

Tatjana Stefanac Zjalic

Co-Founder & CEO, Happtory

Working in WESPA Spaces coworking allows us to brainstorm daily with fellow community members. Different ideas come from people from different areas of business, and the free exchange of opinions is the main feature of Wespa coworking.

Laura Monter

Sales Manager, Venair

Being one of the few non-native Croatian speakers in WESPA, speaking English to the community has been a breeze. Not to mention the openness and the warmth of the whole WESPA crew.

Frano Primorac

Business Developer, SaltPay

The naive plus of working from your offices - of which we already have two - is certainly people. We see WESPA as a hive of a million ideas, and networking is invaluable in our business. Courtesy is at a high level, and all requests are resolved in record time.

Raphael Marton

Co-Founder, Felloz

What struck us at wespa the most was firstly the amazing industrial design but also how we are treated here – people who work here really do care.

Community events

Wespapel Afterwork party

Join our community afterwork every Thursday evening

Tuesday community breakfast

Join our community breakfast every Tuesday morning



Thank god its Friday every first Friday of the month

event space

Standup events

We host standup events once a month

WESPA Darts champion

We have drinks and throw competitions every once in a while. Beat our current champion Borko to take the crown.

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